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Another snow and ice day here in Texas so that means more sewing for me.  Ohhh, so much fun.

Printing is finished and now I am making HST and pressing.  Here is a batch that have been pressed and cut apart.  They look like the little “cootie catchers” we used to make in school.  You may have called them something else.  Folded paper with saying written underneath the fold.  Your friend had to pick a number and you would open and close the cootie catcher that many times and then lift the flap and read what was underneath.  One time my brother took my cootie catcher and wrote his own sayings over mine…..something to the affect that me and my friends were strange.  Thanks Bro!









This is one of the pages of Inklingo’s Feathered Star Design Book. It really keeps me straight.  It shows 1) assembly 2) which way to press 3) The quantity  of each that is needed.








I decided to machine piece the first block and hand piece the next one to compare the two.  Here is a picture of the first feathers that were machine pieced.  I really like this Inklingo page too.  It is very helpful when you are machine piecing to check your accuracy.  We know that hand piecing is very accurate.








Large QST…….I did the recommended way in the book with the freezer paper templates but then decided I would try another method.  The first time, I cut out the QST and added my 1/4″ stitching lines afterwards.  This was too time consuming.  Next time, I used the method that I am picturing below.  I took my square and added 1/4″ stitching line around the square. I normally use a very fine pencil line but for the pictures I used a washable marker.  The line is thinner with a mechanical pencil and that is what I would recommend.









Next I marked the diagonal lines ~ corner to corner









Next I added the 1/4″ stitching line on either side of the diagonals









I cut on the center diagonal line and now I have the QST with the stitching lines marked.  I put them on the template I printed on Inklingo to check for accuracy and it was perfect.









I like to cut off the tips so I don’t have to deal with the “dog ears”.  To accurately do this, I used my 1/4″ ruler and marked it from the crosshairs.  I may go back and add the hash marks but will wait to see if I need them.









If you are interested in making a feathered star quilt, I would highly recommend the Inklingo way.  Hope the tip above will help you along with your feathered star project.

Happy Birthday, Brendan.  You are a precious grandson and Papa and Nonnie love you dearly.

Can’t believe you are nine years old today.  Seems just like yesterday you blessed us with your arrival.