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We are getting  up to 40 degrees today and the sun is shining.  Hopefully the additional snow/sleet mix scheduled for Sunday night and Wednesday will not make it here.  It has been a great week of stitching, planning, completing projects and being inside while enjoying the beauty outside.











This is the tree outside my desk window.









And the view down the street.  I know it doesn’t look like much but for Texas it was almost more than they could handle.  (I say they, because I didn’t get out in it!)  Under the powdery 3-4″ of snow was a layer of 1-2″ of solid ice.  My neighbor across the street is from Colorado.  He actually owns a snow shovel and cleared his driveway and sidewalk because he had to take his wife to the doctor.  Or, he probably just wanted to use his snow shovel…..Show off!

I did keep to my plan and finish the baby quilt.









I played with the various bindings and landed on the green.  The second choice was purple but the green framed it nicely.  I will put it in the mail on Monday.

A couple of posts ago, I showed you the pieced brown and blue center blocks for my feathered star. I am using Inklingo for the feathered star and began my progress with “Monkey’s Cheat Sheet”.









I outlined everything I needed  for printing before I began and purchased my fabric.  In using the suggested layouts in the Feathered Star collection, I was able to calculate my yardage.  When I purchased the fabric, I added a little extra for my cutting mistakes.  It was perfect.  Absolutely no waste at all.









Here is my design for the sashing.  I do pretty primitive design work. It works for me though!  There will be triple lattice sashing and sawtooth stars anchoring the sashing.









Yesterday, I printed everything I needed for the Feathered Star.  I have the kites, HST (cream and blue), feathered diamonds, Tri’s that go between the kites, and squares for the feathers.  Not shown are the corners and QST for the edges.  They were on my cutting table and didn’t make the picture.

I have to say that the new Lexmark printer I used was a dream.  I printed most of the day and did not have a jam.  So far, this project has been a breeze.  Now to get to work and stitch.  Stay tuned!  I know I am going to like this one.