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I have been here……..home









Iced in.  I know to most of you it doesn’t look too bad.  I wish it were snow but it was pure ice.  Our schools have been shut down for three days now.  We are supposed to get a couple of inches of snow tonight or tomorrow.  Still, not a big deal to most of you.  But, I am in Texas….Most Texans don’t know how to drive on ice/snow.  They think because they have a pick up truck or 4 wheel drive, they are invincible.  Not so.  Our highest temp the last three days has been 20 degrees with a low of 3 degrees.  Wind chill in the minus department.   We have been having controlled rolling black outs because of the demand for heat.  The service providers can’t handle the demand so they have to put folks on a rotation system for heat.  I have not lost electricity yet but I have lost water in the master bathroom.  Hopefully the water is just frozen and the pipes have not broken.  I guess we will know when we thaw out a bit.

Here is my cowboy (Mr. NCC) cooking on the Big Green Egg.  A little bit of freeze doesn’t hamper him a bit.









The little door that controls the air flow that controls the cooker temperature was frozen shut; so he had to use the blow dryer on it to thaw it out.









He made an awesome batch of chili with just a little hint of smoky flavor. Yummmmm


While all of this has been going on I was in my sewing room.   (Mr. NCC said, “What have you been doing up there for 3 days!”)

I have been…….

Smocking ~

One down and one to Go!

(This one still needs bunny tails, eyes, and whiskers!)










Quilting ~











I machine quilted the Spoolin’ Stars baby quilt.  I am putting the binding on now and will post a picture when it is completed tomorrow.

Piecing ~









The 16 pieced blue and brown blocks above will be the center squares of my blue and cream 20″ feathered star blocks.  Mr. NCC asked for a quilt for our bed so I am obliging.  The corner blocks will have various star centers while the others are just randomly pieced block designs.

I will print the feathered star shapes using the Inklingo collection.  The feathered stars will be blue and cream.  They will be surrounded by triple lattice sashing and anchored with sawtooth stars.  You will have to check back to see the progress.  This will probably be my long term project for the year.

So, the ice days provided me an opportunity to knock out a few things on my project list.  Or at least the opportunity to feel that I could add a few more items to the list.

Stay warm and keep stitchin’!