Oh what a quick quilt to do and ohhhhh so cute.  The secondary pattern created is almost a “love knot”.  If the weather is good tomorrow, I will take it outside so you get a real sense of the colors.  It is truly a girlie-girl quilt.









Here is a close up.  Only two shapes in the quilt; squares and 1/2 square triangles.

Hopefully, I can start printing my travel project this weekend.  Easter dresses will be pleated on Monday and will start smocking then.  Feels good to check projects off the list.

Speaking of smocking, here is a picture of the Christmas dresses I smocked for my granddaughters.   Of course the picture includes my handsome grandson.   This was after/during the stomach virus rampaged through the family at Christmas.  They look pretty good despite the bug!








Hope your weekend is warm and involves a little stitching.