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Today I started on a baby quilt for a little baby girl. It is one that is quite overdue which seems to be the case with most of my projects.

I have decided to do alternating blocks of the Simplex Star and Spool.  It really creates an interesting design.  I will show the progress as I go along.  I had to put together a block of each of the designs to see if I would like it.









Aren’t the fabrics fun and bright?









The secondary design this will make is interesting.  You’ll see.

Well I just remembered that the person I am doing this for doesn’t know I am doing it, so I am not overdue after all.  There is some rationalization for you.

See the half square triangles in the picture?  Well you can do them the old fashion way and cut a strip; cut a square; and then subcut the square into triangles; piece them together; and finally square up your block.


You can do it the easy way. Inklingo has an entire collection of HST of varying sizes.  Go to the link and scroll down to “Triangle Tips pdf”.  This is a free  file that will show you how, step by step and it saves so much time.  It is also very accurate.  You won’t have wonky squares to deal with.

Have a great evening.