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I finished 7 sisters on Monday as I predicted I would last week but I was not happy with it.  My original thought was to float the sisters on background fabric and bind it.  That idea did not turn out very well.  It looked too washed out and needed more balance.









Soooo, I decided to cut the 6-1/2″ background colored borders to 3″ and added a 2 ” red border and a 5″ brown floral border.









I really love the finished top.  The larger background pieces on the outside of the 7 sisters block will lend itself to some great quilting.  I am looking forward to having it quilted.   Mr. NCC asked if THIS quilt was for our bed.  No dear, it is not  large enough.  He sighs.  I guess I need to put aside some of my other projects and do this man a quilt!

Oh yes, I mentioned Cabbage.  We have had two weeks of freezing weather and this week it warmed up to the 50’s.  I just had to show you my Cabbage and pansies.  The cabbage was drooping and I didn’t know what to expect after the freeze but this is what it looked like today.









Standing at attention and bigger than basketballs.  My pansies are surviving too.

Here is a close up of one of the cabbages in a pot.  It is gi-normorous (as my daughter would say)!









If plants could be  heroes; this would be mine.  It is a survivor; it is strong; it is brave; and it is p-u-r-t-y.