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Wow!  30 handpieced 7 Sisters blocks.  I am so excited to have them finished.  Today I am auditioning 3 fabrics to use for the setting.









This is the “dijon mustard” fabric.  It is actually more golden than it appears in the picture.









This is a close up of the fabric.









This is a lighter background with little red swirls in it. Ties in nicely with the red borders of the blocks.









Close up.  It doesn’t look as light in person as it does with the camera.









This is a beige background with shades of darker beige mottled through it.  It is a basic beige background fabric.









I am working on figuring out the diamond shape that will connect the blocks.  The edges will need a half shape of the connecting diamond.

Each block has 66 pieces.  30 Blocks . 1980 pieces so far.

Inklingo is so efficient when it comes to fabric waste.  I have 2 pieces of red fabric that is 4″ x 6″ and these few shapes leftover.









For the stars I used 15 different fabrics, mostly  scraps or fat quarters and I printed two blocks out of each fabric.  At the time I started the project I was going to do a table runner, but liked it so much, decided to plow ahead and make a full size quilt.  As a result of making a larger project than originally planned, I don’t have enough of the red to use in a border so I will be searching for border fabric soon.

Which fabric do you like?