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Linda Franz has developed three sizes of the Feathered Star; 15″ 20″ and 30″ along with a free design handbook (free for a limited time only).  Check it out here.  This is an amazing process where you can sew Feathered Stars more accurately and quickly than ever before.  There are no templates or measuring involved.  Just print on the fabric and go!  If you have ever wanted to do a feathered star but was intimidated by all the odd size pieces, now is your chance to create a masterpiece, very easily and stress free!

I did a feathered star several years ago the old fashion way and at the end, although it is my favorite block,  said I would never do another.  Now I have the opportunity to do others, with more flexibility and creativity.

Here is the almost finished feathered star.  It has a sad story and that is why I never put the binding on it.  Maybe now that I have the Inklingo way, I will finish this one  and give it away.

This collection would definitely be a wonderful Christmas present to yourself!

Well I am off to print!  I just told the family that we were on diets and there would be no Christmas cookies this year.  (Can’t possibly bake and print at the same time!)