Wow!  Plopped right in to Christmas after a wonderful week of sailing.  I was really missing my beloved labrador retriever.  Couldn’t wait to get him home.  The night before I was going to get him, he encountered a skunk.  My poor daughter and son in law were bathing him and doing the best to de-skunk his stink at midnight!  He smells acceptable.  I just don’t want to pet his head which is where he got the direct hit.  He is moping around.  We aren’t sure if he is depressed from missing the grandchildren or embarrassed because he is  S-T-I-N-K-Y!.  Ahhhh, I love him anyway.  He has on a very cheery Christmas scarf and is ready for the season which will mean plenty of doggie treats.

His coat is very shiny from all the baths he has had.

This is a picture of the pencil tree I have in my foyer.  I took all of the polaroid shots of my girls with Santa when they were young (up to college age – much to their chagrin) and made them into sepia shots.  I made frames to go around them and hung them on this whimsical tree.

Here is a close up of one of the pictures.

They are going to kill me!  Both were in college when this was taken; one working on her Phd and the other a freshman.

We better move on.

Dining Room arrangement

Front door

Below is the Mantel in my breakfast room

I will try and get more pictures later.  Maybe a few cookie baking pictures with recipes.

Have a great day