We have a new baby!  My best friend’s daughter had her baby.  Andrew Robert, 21″ and 8 lbs 7 oz born on 11/25/2010.  We are so excited to welcome this little fella into the world.  Kellie and Dwayne are the new proud parents.

In honor of the birth, I am showing you the quilt I made  as a wedding present for Kellie and Dwayne when they got married.  I used  Ohio Star and  Churn Dash blocks.  Once again these two blocks create a secondary pattern.  My first quilting teacher, Paula, over at Bonnie Blue Quilts taught me to squint at a quilt in order to see the secondary pattern whenever it is not prominent.  Two color quilts are my favorite.

Here is a close up of the block

This would be a great quilt to Inklingo.  Click on the Inklingo button on the sidebar to go to the website and order a free LeMoyne Star pattern.