Corn and Beans was a class I took with a friend who is now very famous.  (I think she is famous) Paula Barnes was my first quilt teacher.  She is a pattern designer and she now sells her patterns; has an online quilt store;  including lines of fabric that she designs.  You can see her here.  Anyway, Paula’s repetitive phrase in teaching me to quilt was “It will be okay”.  I think she moved to Houston to get away from me! I was not an easy student.

Back to Corn and Beans.  I am a very structured person when it comes to quilting (not so much structured when it comes to my closet!) It is very difficult for me to do scrappy things that are unplanned.  Paula was teaching this Corn and Bean class and had us bring all of our ugly fabrics to class.  (I went all the way to Houston for this class because she said would be so much fun!)  Well,  next we had to throw the fabric in a paper sack, unorganized!  (I almost froze….this was not going to be fun!)  I saw where she was going with this and I immediately took out the ugly fabrics (or most of them) and threw them in someone else’s paper sack (with their permission of course).  Okay, here comes the hard part.  She wanted us to pull fabric out of the sack and sew them together as we pulled them out of the sack.  (No matchy matchy).  This just about gave me hives.  I just can’t put certain colors or designs together.  I must admit I cheated.  I would throw fabric back and pull out another one until I got one I liked.  Paula would say, “It will be okay”.  It put me at ease a little bit so I cleaned up on the cheating part.

Well she was right.  Everything was okay.  Here is Corn and Beans.  My grandson sleeps under  this one at my house. He likes the “bulls eye” of the hand quilting.

I want to show you the back quilting.  Hopefully it will show up.  The quilt was hand quilted in Thailand.  That is another story.

So that is my Corn and Bean quilt and story.  I will have another featured quilt in a day or so.