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My daughter told me over the weekend “No wonder, no one reads your blog, you talk about faucets”.  Hmmm, I think she is right!  A faucet! Oh well.

I am going to take you on a tour of my cedar chests.  They are definitely more interesting.

The first cedar chest was made by a very special brother in law.  I think he has made one for every female on all sides of his family tree.  Some “lucky duckies” have two.  Speaking of ducks, which is my daughter mentioned above most favorite pet (she only wishes her husband would let her have a duck), let’s peek inside the first cedar chest.

This is the outside

This is the top tray.  Daughter mentioned above handprint and Treasured Teddies which she doesn’t want anymore but I couldn’t part with them.

Bottom of the chest we have two dresses that are 27 years old belonging to my  above mentioned daughter; a bubble I smocked for above mentioned daughter, for her someday in the future baby girl; a bear in a duck outfit, and a duck of course.

Okay on to the next “cedar chest” .  This is actually a steamer trunk.  An old girlfriend of my husband’s gave it to him in high school and it was painted solid black.  If it was going to be in our house, rather in the attic, it was going to be restored.  I did that for him last year for Christmas.  So now it is an old trunk that I restored for him, not a painted trunk from an old girlfriend.

I only took a picture of the top layer. He keeps all of his goodies in it.  His gavel from president of key club (I think), newspaper clippings of the Alaskan earthquake he was in (the big one in the 60’s), his letter jackets………

(I even had the inside lined)

The next Cedar Chest if the oldest.  It belonged to my maternal great grandmother.  I love the detailing on the outside.

I have a few pictures of my uncles; my Uncle Robert’s baby shoes; the US flag that flew over the courthouse when my grandfather passed away, and all of the files related to my uncle’s estate.

The last cedar chest is not really a cedar chest.  It is a carpenter’s chest that I use for a cedar chest.  It has been used for several different things such as at the foot of a bed; a coffee table and side table.

But, it has always been the home of my most treasured treasures.

Take a look, layer by layer:

I am the keeper of the family history for my paternal grandmother.  She started the family history and gathered all of the information.  I have recently compiled everything and digitized it for the family.  It is a surprise!

Next are some very old photographs.  The cute fellar on the left is my big brother; the handsome guy in uniform is my Dad; the pretty lady in the center is my aunt; and the beauty on the right is my grandmother when she was very young.

The picture on the far right is my grandfather when he played football for THE University of Texas and the picture on the far right was him at 5 years old.  His mother wouldn’t cut his curls.  He got teased a lot. The pictures in the center is of great greats.

More Pix.  I keep them wrapped in acid free paper, but unwrapped them for the photograph

Some of my grandmother’s jewelry including a locket with pictures. The stripe box is the Roman Stripe hosiery box that belonged to either my grandmother or my aunt.

Of course I have a few aprons, pairs of gloves, embroidery work, tatting, and crochet.

This is the bottom of the chest.  Two very old cameras; Colgate Tooth Powder; Hazel Bishop Face Powder; American Rose Hairpins; and my grandmother’s old mail box from the post office.

Her address was box 193 and they later changed it to 391….. they needed more numbers.  I also had an old bottle of Witch Hazel but my friend told me it was hazardous, so I removed it.

The very old quilt in the bottom was made by my grandmother.  What I did not show you were a couple of my grandmother’s dresses, old fashion night gown, hankies, letters that my great grandmother and grandmother wrote to one another, and my grandmother’s hairnet.  Yes, I have my grandmother’s hair net.  Like I said, this chest contained my most treasured treasures!

Hope you enjoyed the tour.