When we built our house this year, there was something on the option list that I really wanted to have but wasn’t sure I would use  enough to justify the expense.  After several conversations with myself and since we were at the point where I had to make the decision right then, I decided to go for it.

Can you tell what it is…..it is an instant hot water spigot.  I know I have the stove, microwave, etc. but this is really a cool thing to have.  Yesterday, it was a rainy day, and I stayed in all day to sew.  About mid morning, a cup of hot mint tea was just the thing to ward off the chilly day.

Instantly, my tea was brewing.  It was brewed before the microwave would have had time to heat the water.

And for lunch, the water is hot enough to make soup!  (I really prefer milk in my tomato soup, but I was in a hurry and wanted to get back to sewing.)

In the late afternoon, I made hot chocolate. (With Marshmellows!)  How handy is that?  I know it will be perfect when the grandchildren come to visit.

Another good use for the insta-hot is for rinsing baked on food from the casserole dishes.  Comes off in a flash.  I think I justified my insta-hot in only one day.

The insta hot also reminded me of my grandmother. No, she didn’t have one in her house.  On the contrary.  She passed away in 1992 at the age 96.    She boiled water on her stove until 1972 for  everything from her bath to her dish water.  She would tote the boiling water in her enamelware pots and kettle to the bathroom. She left me such sweet memories.