Wow!  I am very excited to have finished the two Christmas dresses for my granddaughters, this,  the first week in November.

This is a shot of the dresses blocking on the ironing board.

Note to self:  You need a new ironing board cover.  I didn’t realize the center of the ironing board looked so tacky!

Here is a picture of the two dresses in the finished state.  It is raining here so the pictures had to be taken inside.

I can now start quilting on the six  Christmas tops I completed a couple of months ago.  They are strip quilts and will be very quick to quilt.  The prep will probably take longer than the quilting.  I predict I will finish next week.  Then on to new and exciting quilt projects that I have on the drawing board.

Renegade is having a vacation with the grandchildren and has missed out on the sewing this week.  He has been sunbathing and playing frisbee, two of his favorite activities.  He will be home  next week, in time for more sewing.

Here he is going for the frisbee.  His back feet ended up off the ground.  We play “baseball” with the frisbee.  If he catches it in the air then I am out.  If he misses, I get a base hit.  We had a string where he caught 18 in a row.  For those who do not know much about baseball, that is the equivalent of a six inning shut out.  He is good!

Have a great day.