(Warning!  This is not about what I would like my physical being to resemble)

A laugh a day is good for:

a) smile lines

b) your heart

c) keeps you young

d) keeps the blues away

My eldest daughter home schools her children.  The phrase “what’s the skinny” came up.  Of course, I am usually the guinea pig or the “try it on Nonnie” person.  My grandson (8 years old) calls and wants to know the “skinny on what we are having for Thanksgiving dinner”.  I am on to their trick questions now though because I am On To Them!  My answer was that  we were having skinny enchiladas, skinny tacos, skinny beans, and skinny rice. (He knows how much Papa likes Mexican food!)  I admitted we were having a traditional Thanksgiving Feast.  He was chuckling and handed the phone to his sister as he was shaking his head.   Our family phrase is “I crack myself up!”  Of course, I may be the only one laughing most of the time AND it isn’t hard to make a fool of yourself and entertain 8 and 6 year olds.

Recently,  my 6 year old granddaughter called to explain the ER system to me………endoplasmic reticulum.  Well she got me on that one.  She was laughing because my explanation referenced the hospital.  Silly Nonnie.  I was thinking how much I could relearn if I were a home school grandmother.  That thought was very fleeting.  Nah!  I better stick to sewing.  Maybe I can give them sewing lessons when they get a bit older.

Here is a picture of them with Nonnie and Papa during a trip to Colorado this summer.

Aren’t they cute?  Little crack ups!

Speaking of laughter….  My younger daughter is a TRUE crack up!  She has the funniest stories.  I look forward to her phone calls because she usually has a “funny happening” to tell me.  Sometimes she is the butt of her own stories, which make them even funnier.  That said, she has a smile and laugh bigger than Texas.

Hope your day entails a laugh or two!