Gaining on them is right!  I finished smocking the second Christmas dress last night……At least the front is smocked!  Now for the tedious back smocking.  I will start quilting the 6 Christmas quilts next week if I get these dresses assembled.  I am by no means caught up but I am headed in the right direction.  I guess you can tell that I am a person that does not like to get behind.  I realized that I  can’t really get ahead if I keep adding tasks.  One logical approach would be not to add another project until finished with the ones I have then I would never get behind.  This logic is logical but is pure nonsense.

Well today, Renegade, heads back to the country to stay with my grandchildren.  We dog share.  They take care of him when we travel. He loves it in the country.  He is actually a frisbee dog.  He is verrrrry good too.  Some day I will tell you about a game we play and how he came to be our dog.

Isn’t he a purty boy (even though his mother dresses him funny!)