I spent 7 hours yesterday sitting in the hallway of the family court.  Have you every sat in the hallway of a family court?  Well let me say that it is an interesting people watching place.  Oh yes, I was there to testify on behalf of family seeking to adopt a child.  The hallway and waiting area was filled with activity.  Makes you realize how many families have problems and most of them serious.  Sadly it is the children that suffer the most.  I will never accept abuse of children, no matter how challenging they can be.

Oh yes, my lapse!  One of the attorneys invoked “the rule”, so all witnesses had to leave the courtroom as not to be influenced by each other’s testimony, so I was booted to the hallway……without my hand piecing project; without the smocking I am behind on; without my laptop; without my Kindle to finish a very interesting book I am reading. Dang!  Seven hours!  I just kept thinking about all I could be doing instead of watching the sheriffs march people in and out of the 7 courtrooms.  My lapse was not remembering the”rule” and not being prepared with my “stuff”.  I didn’t take it with me because I would never, ever, insult a judge and sit in the courtroom sewing!  Oh well.  I have to go back on Thursday since they didn’t get to me yesterday.  You better believe I will have all of my goods with me this time.