I guess my post yesterday was one day early.  The gardener showed up late in the afternoon and did the Fall planting, pulling out the Hibiscus and Pentas.  He agreed that I only had a couple of weeks left on the Hibiscus and probably only a couple of more blooms.  The new plantings look so bare but clean.  He put in Cabbage and pansies and replaced the Hibiscus with shaped boxwoods.  I kinda like the boxwoods as it gives the courtyard a real French country look.  My little plantings from last week look anorexic in comparison.  Let’s see, my 36 pansies  versus his 300+ ,  He wins!

I am not just messing around in the flower beds!  I did finish the smocking on the younger granddaughter’s dress and will start on the older granddaughter’s dress tonight.  I have designed a couple of more quilts – one for a baby and one for a wedding gift.  Below are the fabrics.  These two quilts are the first of the year projects unless miracles happen before then and I can start sooner.

Here are the fabric selections

The wedding quilt will be Steps to the Altar.  I love the brown with the birds which will be a wide border.

Have a beautiful day wherever you are.