Although we are enjoying the beautiful weather here in Texas with highs in the 80’s, I am not sure the plants know what season it is.

I planted pansies last week in preparation for winter.  Aren’t they gorgeous?  The deep purple looks like velvet.

However, I can’t seem to bring myself to uproot the hibiscus that are still blooming even though I know they won’t make it through the winter.  I have decided to give them a few more weeks.  The blooms I am getting are still beautiful but they are fewer and fewer.

This week’s project was to start smocking Christmas dresses for our two granddaughters.  The smocking plate is Believe in Me by Little Memories.  Last night I finished the Santa on the smaller dress.  It doesn’t look like much but at one point I had 7 different colors of threads working at one time on one row.

My older granddaughter told me that her little sister has all of her dresses and now she doesn’t have any.  I wonder how long she will want me to smock for her.

The next couple of weeks will entail quite a bit of traveling so my  Seven Sisters hand piecing travel project will get a work out.  I plan to construct the two dresses next week in between trips and hopefully start machine quilting the 6 quilt tops I have prepared for Christmas gifts.  So much to do!  We will see how it goes.