When we decided to build a new home, the first priority was the kitchen and then my sewing room.  (Well, secretly the sewing room was a priority for me!)  I had to figure a way to get enough sleeping space for the grandchildren, our two daughters and their husbands, and my sewing room.  I lost the battle of an additional bedroom for my sewing room so that is where the idea of built in bunk beds came in to being.  (I posted pictures of the bunk beds earlier.) I was able to enlarge the space to accommodate both a sewing space and beds. The children love “their space”.

This is a picture of the sewing table that I have quilted on for 16 years.  It is an old farm table.  I was very attached to the table even though it sagged in the middle and the wood was splintering. I have made all of my quilts on this table – even my two quilt show winners.

As you can see it is quite tiny.  I also did all of my cutting on the floor.  The last quilt I cut on the floor, I didn’t think I was going to be able to get up because I was so stiff and sore.

While I was taking care of my Uncle, who passed away in April, we talked about various things during our quiet time in the hospital.  He had a wonderful knack of turning conversations from himself to you and was always interested in a person’s passion.  During that conversation, as I was talking about quilting and getting too old to cut on the floor, I told him about the Koala cutting table that could be made to a higher height. About three days later, he told me he had put money in his checking account for the sewing table of my dreams as he wanted to do something special for me.  Five months later, here it is.  This is a picture of it as a cutting table.

The green quilt on top of the table was the first quilt I made on the sewing table.  I actually pieced it standing up.

The machine is on an electric lift that lowers and the inset fills in the hole to make it a solid cutting table.  It has a ton of storage too.  I have 6 quilts that need to be machine quilted by December.  They are lap quilts that should not take that long.  I am looking forward to giving the new table a real workout!