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At the beginning of June, we had finished our move that started in early May and I thought I was through with construction.  Unfortunately, the extra refrigerator in the laundry had a malfunction which we didn’t know about until mid to late June.  The water ran under the wood floors and about 200 sq ft of floors buckled.  We just finished drying the foundation and replacing the floors.  Of course, they had to take out the washer and dryer, cabinetry, sink and granite countertops.  Everything is supposed to be finished today which means I now longer have to tote my laundry to my friend’s house.

In the meantime, we have continued to decorate.  Below is a picture of my dining room drapes.

I took scraps, from my drapery lady’s stash and used my old fringe and made the table runner below.

This is the tablerunner on the the table.

I used the back of my old table runner as a pattern.  I learned to use the ruffler on my sewing machine to make the gathered section.    It was eye popping to go through a designers scrap room.  It certainly made my fabric stash look anemic.