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It has been wild and crazy since my last post.  We finally moved to our new home and after unpacking over 160 boxes there is light at the end of the tunnel.  In the midst of finalizing the move, my uncle who I was the caretaker for, was hospitalized having several procedures, hospice and then passed.  We had the memorial service two weeks ago and since then I have been clearing out his house.  Two more trips to go.  I have all the boxes unpacked at our new home and although nothing is hung on the walls yet, it is starting to feel like home.

Yesterday was dedicated to my sewing room.  I had to get it cleared out so I could see how much space I was going to have for the new sewing table (s).

These are the bunk beds for the grandchildren in the sewing room.  I draped a quilt I have made on each bed.

I used my grandfather’s attorney bookcase without the sliding glass doors for part of my fabric.

More fabric to organize.  I won’t show you the closet!

Antique cabinet with the antique quilts

Some of the completed quilts on an antique ladder.

While I was directing the movers, my Handpieced GFG quilt was in a quilt show.  I never made it to the show to see it hanging and when I picked it up, discovered it had received 2nd place in its category and the Past President’s award.  I was quite surprised.