Well the house is coming along very nicely.  We decided that we couldn’t waste the opportunity of painting something in the entryway dome.  I found an artist that is doing the work.  He is doing this from a 4 x 5 picture that I found in a book.  I am so amazed. I could not stay 23′ in the air on a scaffold all day.

This is a shot about half way through the process.

This is with the dome portion finished.  He has the dome papered off so he can glaze the trim around it.

As you walk around the dome you see different portions of the design.  I can’t wait to hang the light fixture.  There will be rope lighting around the widest part inside the dome which we will be able to turn on without other lighting.  I think it will look really cool.

Now, if only the electronic doggie door would get here.