I couldn’t believe that we had snow this late in March.  Saturday the temps dropped and the wind was howling.  By Sunday morning parts of North Texas had 8″ of snow.  We lucked out and only had 2″ which did not affect the streets at all.  Renegade did not want to go outside.  He would poke a foot out and come back in.  Not very brave!

Today is a different story.  It is in the 70’s and once again Renegade is enjoying the sunshine.  I wonder how he chooses which “baby” to take outside with him.  He wasn’t about to let me close the door so he laid across the threshold.

I finished a few more 7 Sisters stars while sitting with my Uncle in the hospital over the weekend.  The Easter dresses got pushed back,  but today I have been working on them feverishly.  I used a different pattern so the construction is slower than usual.  And the usual is very slow for me. Actually, one of the dresses just lacks sleeves, collar, buttonholes and hem.  Well, still a way to go.

I can’t report on the house construction because the painters have the inside sectioned off with plastic and I can’t get from room to room.  Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to see what they have been up to.  They have stained most of the cabinetry.  It is always a “breath-holding” experience to see if the paint turns out the way it looks on the sample.  Keeping my fingers and everything else crossed.