I am still contemplating, as a pour over the construction of the smocked dresses; WHAT’S NEXT?  I have the Seven Sisters that I wag everywhere with me.  It is my project for hospital waiting rooms, doctor’s offices, waiting and waiting.  (My uncle has cancer so I have spent quite a bit of time, of late, in the health care environment).

I am thinking of using these brown and blue fabrics for a quilt to go on one of the 4 built in bunk beds.

I have plenty of quilts to put on the bunk beds but blues and browns would look really great.  Do I really need another excuse to make another quilt?  At some point, I am going to have to drag myself away from big projects and interject smaller ones.  I used to do a lot of table toppers and lap quilts (which most have been given away as gifts) because I had to be doing something different all the time.  My next phase was to be satisfied with larger, long term projects.  I am just not sure what direction I am headed at the moment.  Whatever it is, like the weather in Texas, it can change the next day.  It is fun to dream, plan, and toss around ideas.  I guess I will know the project when I sit up in bed at 2:00 am which is when I normally get my “AHA” moments.