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Well today passed once again with no sewing.  I am starting to stress over the Easter dresses.  I had to go to the house today and finalize paint colors and do a Pre-Pre-Pre-punchlist.  The painters will start priming on Friday.  I mentioned before that I was having bunk beds built in my sewing room for the grandchildren.  Below is a picture of the beds.  They turned out very nice and don’t take up as much space as I thought they would.  The grandchildren haven’t flipped a coin to see who gets what bed.

I hired a decorative painter to do some artwork in the dome.  It will be more scroll work than anything.  My husband declined to have angels in clouds in the dome.  I thought it would be a good idea to have angels and the faces be that of my grandchildren.  He has used up all of his vetoes now, so I guess I have free reign from here on out.

The dome is 23′ above the floor.  The artist will be using scaffolding and I am curious if he will lay on his back or stand upright.  Brave man.

Renegade spent the day outside laying in the sunshine.  He selected a very special baby to spend the day with him.  If you look closely, “baby” is on top of his favorite toy – a frisbee.  He loves to catch the frisbee and is very consistent.  Unfortunately, since we have been in the rental home, he hasn’t had much of an opportunity to play.

Hopefully, tomorrow will include some sewing.  I am not panicked yet!