I haven’t posted in a while regarding the new home we are building because nothing is very exciting about insulation being blown in or putting putty on nail holes.  We are now at the stage where the wood floors have been installed (but not scraped and stained); the stairs and railings are in place; most cabinets and trim work is complete; and we are finally selecting paint and granite slabs.  Most exciting is the cast iron clawfoot tub.  It is not installed yet, but it is on order.  It will have oil rubbed bronze feet.

This will go in the master bathroom.

Below is a really bad picture of the mini chandelier that will hang over the bath.    Picking out light fixtures was one of my favorite things to do.  Today I finished selecting paint colors and only have to do carpet, tile backsplashes and cabinet hardware.  I will need to start thinking about packing up the rental house shortly.

My project this week is to construct the smock dresses for the granddaughters.  I finished all the hand work this weekend.  I wove ribbon into the design and pearl seed beads.  I will post a completed picture later.