Everyone deserves a little stitching time on the weekend.  I picked a stack of stars that I had put together during the Olympics and finished a Seven Sisters block for my Sunday stitching project.  It  is certainly easier to stitch the stars with continuous stitching than joining them together to complete the block. BUT, what fun it is to have completed blocks not to mention a sense of satisfaction.

I am using 18 different fabrics for the stars and using that fabric twice.

I will need to focus on finishing the smocked Easter dresses for my granddaughters this week.  They are currently on the ironing board getting blocked.  I still have quite a bit of handwork to do on them before I assemble as I will be weaving ribbon in the smocking and securing them with pearl seed beads.  Yes, I do need to get to work!  Yikes! I am trying not to panic  I know Easter is still a month away but my assembling skills are very slow.  Hopefully, I can pull myself away from stitching the addictive stars.