For many years now, my husband and I have gotten together with friends for a Valentine Dinner.  We take turns having dinner at each other’s home and the guys do the cooking.  The first few years, the men wore tuxedos and told the ladies’ to dress up.  They thought of everything including floral arrangements on the table.  The host prepares the main course and the other does appetizers and dessert.  It is amazing what they come up with to prepare.  They spend hours on the internet looking up recipes and pour through recipe books to prepare “that special something”.  Needless to say, they never disappoint.

This year, the dinner was to be at our home, but due to living in temporary quarters and family illnesses, we took to the streets and found an awesome restaurant in downtown Fort Worth.  Although the meal was fabulous, the “girls” decided that we liked it better when the guys cooked (and put on their monkey suits!)

Below is a picture of the foursome.

Joe and Doreen on the left and Charlsey and Jeff on the right.