I have posted a few pictures in the past  of the house we are building but have not done so in a while.  There is nothing more boring than looking at pictures of framing or concrete floors or stubbed out plumbing.

Here is a picture of the outside of the home with the stone work and brick finished.  Where the wood is in the upper left window will be a leaded glass window.

They started putting in the hardwood floors this week and finished yesterday.  They have to be sanded, scraped and stained after more interior work is done.

I splurged and put hardwoods in my sewing room.  I will share my sewing room with 4 built in bunk beds where my grandchildren will sleep when they visit.  I will use the bunk beds to display some of my quilts.  The little circles on the wall is where each bunk bed will have its own reading lamp and they will also have little cubbies for their treasures.  As time goes on, I will make each grandchild a special quilt to sleep under.  I will give it to them when they graduate from high school or get married.

Any way, construction continues and I patiently wait.