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Last week, I sent my Starry Grandmother’s Flower Garden Quilt to the long arm quilter.  (The one pictured in the header of my blog.)  This project was inspired by a 2-1/2 x 4″ picture of an antique quilt I found in one of my books about historical quilts.  I kept enlarging the picture on my printer until I could tell what the design consisted of and then mapped out a course of action.  The star in the original quilt appeared to be appliqued to the background fabric.  Instead of this method, I converted the background fabric to hexagons.  It took 14 months to piece the hexagons and since I am not a great appliquer, I procrastinated on the swag border.  I tried talking myself out of doing the swag border all together but in the end I bit the bullet and began making the templates to fit the border.  Amazingly, it didn’t take that long to applique the borders and I am glad I added them.

I never would have attempted this project without the use of Linda Franz’ Inklingo Software.