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We are building a new home and my extra large sewing room is also going to house four built in bunk beds for when the grandchildren come to visit. They will each have a built in reading lamp and cubby hole I decided to trim out the bunk beds in a wonderful chocolate brown. I will have a quilt on each of the beds. Pink and Brown; Red and Brown; Yellow/Gold and Brown, and Blue and Brown.

This pink and brown quilt is from a Buggy Barn.
This is the back of the pink and brown quilt. The backing is light pink and white stripe.
This is a close up the two main blocks, sashing and border.

These are some of the brown and yellow fabrics I will be using in the yellow and brown quilt. The yellows are not quite as bright as they appear in the photo. One of the quilts I am thinking of doing a basket quilt and maybe a mariners compass for the other. Still deciding. I have one grandson and two granddaughters, so one of the quilts will need to be a little less feminine. This is my plan for now. It could change tomorrow. I think it would be nice to give the grandchildren the quilt that was on their bunk bed when they start families of their own some day. (or go off to college!)