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The last three weeks has been a whirlwind but I did manage to finish smocking Kelsey’s Easter dress.  It turned out very sweet.  I can’t wait to see her in it.  Last year her dress was pink and smocked with chocolate bunnies.  She said the bunnies matched her “chocolate brown” eyes.  Someone was looking at the picture of her in the pink dress recently and commented on the white gloves she was wearing.  They were very impressed.  She enjoys the dresses but not half as much as I enjoy making them for her.  I am still working on the baby quilt for the new little brother or sister that will be here on March 25.  I am definitely behind the curveball on that one!  I am also getting ready to make a lace ring bearer pillow for a good friend of my daughter.  Jennifer is in the wedding party and the wedding is in June.  We will be traveling a great deal between now and then so I am getting a jump start on the pillow.  I have it designed so it shouldn’t take too long.

This is my chocolate lab, Renegade. (I sure am using the word “chocolate” a lot today, hmmmm).   Renegade stays under my feet when I am sewing and seems to gather my cut threads.  It is easier to pick them off of him than the carpet but sometimes he accidentally throws his 85 lbs on the foot control of my sewing machine.  Uh, oh. He is great company and unlike my husband he doesn’t yelp when he steps on a long lost needle or pin.
Lastly, we have great sunsets in Texas.  I almost missed this one.  It looks like the sky is on fire.