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The day was spent working on the layout and measurements of the border.  Since I am doing this quilt from a picture that is 4 x 4.5 it is taking a lot of experimentation to achieve the correct balance.  Everyone enjoys a challenge ever now and then. Right?
I thought I would share with you the little I know about the original quilt and its maker.  The maker was born in 1831 and passed away in 1888.  She was a farm wife who tended a large garden and raised turkeys.  The quilt was finished around 1880.  The quilt techniques used were applique, piecing, and stuffed work.  It appears the star was actually appliqued to the background.  The quilting is very detailed especially in the open areas toward the corners.
I thought the quilt was very interesting.  Have you ever seen a 10 pointed star?  Don’t you think it is unusual to see an applique border on a pieced quilt?  Of course the maker used fabrics she had on hand; wool, silk and cotton.  It is quite a treasure.